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Deter birds from areas around the farm and diary shedProtect historic buildings from roosting and nesting birdsProtect your buildings from damage birds can doStop birds roosting on your signs - less mess, less cleaningPrevent the build up of bird excrement by stopping them from roostingPrevent birds roosting on our aerialsProtect your chimney from birds nesting (and getting stuck)

The Bird Deterrent Specialists - We'll Fix Your Bird Problems

Sick of the problems birds are causing? The unsightly mess and constant damage birds do to your property? Sick of birds landing, trying to roost and nest around your buildings and window ledges? Sick of the mess they leave on your new or freshly painted roof, under television aerials, on your house and vehicles? Sick of the mess your business roof, buildings and signage are left in because of birds? Then let us help, we've many years experience in differenct situations - we can help you with your bird problem. We install them throughout New Zealnd, so contact us now.

Bird Proofing & Protection

These polycarbonate and stainless steel bird proofing spikes are designed for use in both residential and industrial situations, to deter a wide range of birds. Some of their outstanding features include...

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Bird protection for your home or business

Bird Protection For Your Business

Whether birds are messing on your roof or getting into the interior or your building we can help. Our bird protection can prevent problem birds from contaminating food stuffs, damainging roofs or just being a pest in your business.

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Bird protection for your business

Bird Protection For Your Home

Most of us love birds but there are some places we just don't want them to congregate or get in to. We certainly don't want the potential fire hazard of a nest in our chimney. Let us help you keep the birds safely out of those places.

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Bird protection for your business

Deterring Birds On The Farm

Birds have an amazing ability to get anywhere there may be a nesting site or food source. Like us, they prefer warm dry places to bring up their family - so the milking shed is perfect. Let Bird Proofing NZ help you minimise their intrusion.

Bird detterent and protection and the farm and the milking shed
Minimise the intrusion of birds into milking sheds and outbuildings on the diary farm

Historic Buildings

It's often surprising how quickly bird excrement can build up and the damage it can do to historical buildings. We've faced some interesting problems on older buildins, so give us a call for your bird damage solution.

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Bird Proofing Quote

Whether it's your home, your farm or your business contact us about your bird proofing solutions. We've seen some interesting situations over the years, we'll disucss your problem and recommend the solution to suit your requirements.

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Bird protection for your home, business and farm

What our customers say...

"Hi Stu Just a quick note to say how pleased we are with the bird proofing we had installed on the house ... We have gone from having unsightly white lines on the roof to having none because of your spikes the birds no longer use our house roof as a perch. The builders who installed it for use were impressed by the results also and my good friend was so impressed she has since had you install it on her house. Andrew and I have no hesitation in pointing out to any one with the same problem we had that your stuff does work. Thank you" Mirie & Andrew Brooker

"Thanks Stu the birds have never been on the roof since you put up the spikes. We are thrilled. Thank you for such a prompt service.
Jan Bargrove, Beggs Music Centre.

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