Bird Protection Key Features

Bird proof your property now, our helpful team can install a system to suit your building and your budget.

Why Our Product

Our range of bird deterrent products are your solution for protecting your property, whether modern or historical, located in a residential, rural or industrial area.

Whatever your problem Bird Proofing NZ has the experience to help.

We can deter birds including seagulls, pigeons, starlings, swallows and sparrows without hurting them from your home, farm or business.

Virtually invisible once installed

Easy to install

High Quality

Temperature Resistant

Choice of Stainless Steel or Plastic Spikes

Problem Areas to Watch on Your Property

In the right situation, any property can become the perfect place for birds to use as either a day time perch or an overnight roosting area. Factors that contribute to this are the close proximity of a readily available food source and the height of the roof or chimney. These high-up points provide ideal areas for birds to assess their surroundings. Below is a list of common areas to check on your own property.

Roof Ridges




Window Sills

Flat Roofs

Chimney Pots

TV Aerials

Solar Panels

Health & Safety

The Link Between Bird Droppings and Disease

There is great potential to become infected by a disease when encountering bird droppings. This is why bird proofing solutions can be vital for not only your home but also commercial areas, such as dairy sheds and industrial buildings.

bird proofing applied to heat pumps on an industrial commercial building
bird proofing in dairy shed
bird proofing applied to industrial building signage