Bird infestation in buildings causes destruction and mess, fire hazard and disease, birds eat and spoil foods and attract rodents.

The SHEDI is an automated laser bird repellent system that effectively and harmlessly eliminates birds from buildings, while not effecting people and other animals. This cost-efficient solution will quickly and permanently rid indoor areas from bird nuisance.


Input Voltage: 12 -15 DC   Input Current: 0.25A – 1.5A  |  Power Consumption: 3.5 – 23w  |  Fuse: 3A  |  Laser Hazard Class: 3B “Avoid exposure to beam”  |  Laser Power: 5 – 499 milliwatts  |  Laser Frequency: 400 – 700 nano meters (visible light)  |  Laser Type: Diode laser, pulsed  |  Scanning Angle: 80 degree Horizontal, 50 degree Vertical  |  Ambient Temperature: -20 degrees to +50 degrees celsius   Size: 200mm x 160mm x110mm  |  Weight: 1.7kg  |  Ingress Protection: IP30  |  Housing: Aluminium  |  Power Adapter: 100 – 240V AC input, 12v DC 3A output, 5.5/2.1mm plug, 1.5m cord + 2m extension cord