SPIKE Products

Pesky birds has a range of bird protection to suit your bird problem, the problem bird species involved your location and situation.

We can usually find a solution when birds are being a nuisance e.g. on chimneys, aerials, solar panels, roofs, narrow or wide ledges, over doorways, entrance ways, barns, dairy sheds, feed sheds, outbuildings…these products can help.

We can also help deter birds from sheds and buildings at your house, business or on the farm and we’re happy to install New Zealand wide.

DET4PS Bird Proofing

This all plastic spike is perfect for ridges and ledges that have a depth of 4 inches (100mm) with excellent results. This option is also great for aerials and sky dishes as the full polycarbonate exterior does not interfere with reception.

DET8PS – Deter Birds from Narrow Areas

This super tough ‘budget’ bird spike is ideal for heavily infested areas that have a depth of 8 inches (200mm), with amazing results inside building rafters and aerials.

DET4SS Bird Proofing

This steel spike has become a favourite for narrow areas. This streamlined spike has a slim base and can be installed on to even the narrowest ledge or pipe to solve your bird roosting problem.

DET8SS Great Bird Proofing Spikes

This spike is a tried and tested best seller. Everybody loves its new sturdier base; it is almost twice the thickness and weight of other similar spikes. The thicker base ensures greater UV stability and a significant increase in life expectancy.

DET12SS Large spike spread

Bird spikes to protect your buildings The only spike we know of, with 6 separate rows of wires. The spread of the wires is also greater than that of any other spike system available. This dense pattern of protruding pins fan out to offer ledge protection of up to an impressive 12 inches (300mm) Birds a problem?

DETGULL Protection From Gulls

Seagull protection spikes. This is the first choice gull spike for most companies. Its steel wires are 1.5 inches (40mm) longer than the DET8SS pigeon spike. This is to cater for the seagull’s longer legs. The thick sturdy base makes it very popular.

detsls product image

DETSLS  Streetlight & Signage Protection

Designed to keep seagulls (& pigeons in light pressure areas) off the top of street lights, signage, air conditioning units and other larger surfaces. The base of this product can be snapped into two quickly, providing two separate units, ideal for smaller areas.

detthistle product image

 DETThistle Low Profile

This plastic DETThistle low profile is great for protecting against multiple birds. Such as small birds like sparrows and starlings, but also can be used for larger birds like pigeons and gulls. The strip contains 80 different pins that fan out at 8 angles.

fixing silicon

DETSPAD Fixing silicone

Fixing silicone formulate to attach spike to brick, timber, lead, glass, concrete, steel, plastic and most other surfaces.

  • Product = Fixing silicone
  • Warranty = 20 years
bird proofing applied to industrial building signage

DETSSS Starlings, Blackbirds, Sparrows…

Protect your roof from birds. With an incredible 240 wires per strip this works well for starlings, blackbirds, sparrows and other small birds, as well as seagulls and pigeons.