My rebuilt property is right on the side of the Estuary on Beachville Road, Redcliffes.

Shortly after moving in I woke to a huge bang on the roof. On investigation I soon established I had a serious bird problem. The seagulls were dropping mussels from a great height onto my flat butynol roof. Not only was the constant noise a problem, it was a health hazard and would evntually rupture my roof.

My architect recommended I call “Bird Proofing NZ” and I met the owner “Stu Reid”. He agreed to inspect the property and find a solution. This was not an easy problem to solve. I was impressed that he took time and several visits to the find the best and least expensive way to deal with it.

The result was innpovative and very effective. i am now 2 years “BIRDS FREE”.

I would highly recommend Stu and his team at “Bird Proofing NZ”

– Heather PrierĀ