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Stainless Steel and Polycarbonate Bird Spikes

Problem birds damaging your property? Find out how to move them on!

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protect property from birds

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protect property from birds

"Hi Stu Just a quick note to say how pleased we are with the bird proofing we had installed on the house ... We have gone from having unsightly white lines on the roof to having none because of your spikes the birds no longer use our house roof as a perch. The builders who installed it for use were impressed by the results also and my good friend was so impressed she has since had you install it on her house. Andrew and I have no hesitation in pointing out to any one with the same problem we had that your stuff does work.

Thank you"

Mirie & Andrew Brooker

The Bird Deterrent Specialists - We'll Fix Your Bird Problems

Sick of the problems birds are causing? The unsightly mess and constant damage birds do to your property? Sick of birds landing, trying to roost and nest around your buildings and window ledges? Sick of the mess they leave on your new or freshly painted roof, under television aerials, on your house and vehicles? Sick of the mess your business roof, buildings and signage are left in because of birds?

Make pictures like this a thing of the past.
Make bird poo on your roof a thing of the past

Our range of bird deterrent products are the solution for protecting your property, whether residential or industrial in a wide range of situations against birds, including seagulls, pigeons, starlings, swallows and sparrows without hurting them.

Make bird poo on your roof a thing of the past

Spikes are simply glued or attached to any roof ridge, window, pipe, ledge, sign, light or aerial where birds sit; the dense pattern of protruding spikes make it impossible for birds to land moving them elsewhere without hurting them.

This solution to your bird problem is quick, instant, permanent and requires no up-keep or maintenance.

Both the stainless steel and plastic spike system are virtually invisible once installed and provide .....

Bird Proof Your Property To Prevent Mess and Damage

Paradise ducks on building needing proofing Birdproofing installation

We love birds but they do cause damage and mess if allowed to roost in the wrong places.

The Ultimate Bird Deterrent

bird deterrent spikes bird deterrent spikes keep birds off your roof, statues, property

Bird proof your property now, our helpful team can install a system to suit your building and your budget.

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