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Bird protection for your home and business

How To Solve Your Bird Problems

Bird Protection Key Features:

Protect your home or business from birds humanely Image ©
Protect your home or business from birds humanely Image ©

Our range of bird deterrent products are your solution for protecting your property, whether modern or historical, located in a residential, rural or industrial area.

Whatever your problem Bird Proofing NZ has the experience to help.

We can deter birds including seagulls, pigeons, starlings, swallows and sparrows without hurting them from your home, farm or business.

How Are The Deterrents Attached?

Spikes are simply glued or attached to any roof ridge, window, pipe, ledge, sign, light or aerial where birds sit, roost or nest.

The dense pattern of protruding spikes make it impossible for birds to land moving them elsewhere without hurting them.

Both the stainless steel and plastic spike systems are virtually invisible once installed, providing you with bird protection - not an eyesore.

This solution to your bird problem is quick, instant, permanent and requires no up-keep or maintenance.

In some situations purpose made wire screening structures will be installed to contain the areas of interest to the birds e.g. around pipe work and light fittings.

The polycarbonate and stainless steel bird proofing spikes are designed for use in both residential and industrial situations, to deter a wide range of birds.

Prevent birds from roosting Image ©
Prevent birds from roosting Image ©

Some of their outstanding features include:

  • Virtually invisible once installed.
  • Easy to install
  • Comes in different sizes and strengths for different locations, situations and problem bird species
  • The 4mm thick product base is made from high quality, ultra violet light-stabilised polycarbonate (durable polycarbonate resin product code HFV-1700).
  • The length of each strip is approximately 330mm and flexible for using on curves.
  • Temperature resistance: no loss of mechanical strength at a temperature of 130 degrees centigrade.
  • The heavy duty protruding pins are manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel and have a tensile strength of 1600N/mm.
  • The length of each pin is 122mm and has a diameter of approximately 1.42mm (angles and spacing of pins vary between spike designs) ensuring these spikes will be around a lot longer than most other spikes.
  • Along the base of the spike are 9 breakable sections that can be simply snapped apart with your fingers.
  • Both the stainless steel and plastic spike system are virtually invisible once installed.
  • Along the base are 10 star shaped holes; when the spikes are pressed onto a ledge the silicone oozes through the holes forming star shaped rivets that lock the spike firmly to the surface.
  • The spikes are cut flat at the tip to prevent injury to both installers and birds.
  • Fixing silicone is formulated to attach spikes to brick, timber, lead, glass, concrete, steel, plastic and most other surfaces.

Bird proofing for your chimney and roof Image ©
Bird proofing for your chimney and roof Image ©

Bird proof your property now, our helpful team can install a system to suit your building and your budget.

Read more about our bird protection and bird proofing spikes here

Contact us now to discuss your bird problems

Contact us now to discuss your bird problems

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