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Protection From Birds On The Farm & In The Milking Shed

Protect areas from birds nesting and roosting Image ©
Protect areas from birds nesting and roosting Image ©

Birds love food sources and shelter

Exciting News: Our bird spikes and other range of bird deterrent products are being used successfully by dairy farmers to help deter birds and nesting birds in and around their dairy sheds and meal feeding systems.

This helps stop bird infestations that can result in decreased milk production and the spread of disease within herds.

We recognise that each dairy shed has its own unique problems and we are able to assist offering ideas and products that are suited for specific problem areas and situations. So act today because the longer birds are a problem the harder it is to get rid of them.

Help me with birds on the farm

Help me with birds on the farm

Deter birds in different ways. Image ©
Deter birds in different ways. Image ©

There are different ways of approaching the bird problem. You may use deterrent birds so the birds avoid the area or use a barrier to prevent entry.

Preventing birds Image ©
Preventing birds Image ©

There are different bird spikes for different locations and situations and different barriers can be installed.

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